Legal Consulting and Writing Services

Legal Consulting and Writing Services from an Experienced Professional

Experience should be a primary driver for determining whether a consultant can assist a law firm or an individual with adequate legal research and analysis. My legal consulting services can offer lawyers or clients assistance as well as guidance based upon more than 45 years as an attorney.
In its time, my law firm developed an impressive history of success in criminal and civil matters through legal trial preparation services.
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Legal Consultation


We can assess and deliver on any legal assignment by incessant attention to detail and thorough professional legal document preparation.

Forfeiture and Restitution

One of the most confusing aspects of litigation is the Forfeiture and Restitution statutes. The prosecution uses these two tools to leverage its position in criminal and civil matters for individuals and corporations. Yet, only a few recognize that the prosecution bears a heavy burden to establish their calculations.

Frequently, lawyers and clients are overwhelmed by these demands for financial penalties. Understanding and contesting the legal burden of the prosecution and the probation departments to establish who may be considered a “victim” to impose a Forfeiture or Restitution Order is critical to the process. Additionally, detailed analysis and review of the prosecution’s required documentary proof will often undermine their calculations.

Our staff has actively been involved in litigation matters and provided assistance in an effort to forfeit the assets of corporations and individuals.

In addition, Legal-Help can offer the following services.

Prepare signature-ready appellate briefs via legal document preparation services.

Not only does Legal-Help have the expertise in nearly every area of law to offer legal research and writing services, but our experience preparing briefs in state and federal court provides our attorney-clients with the competitive edge to prevail at trial. Request for legal brief writing and preparation services today.

Cost-effective telephone or email reports give you access to substantive and legal research expertise for expert analysis of legal issues when a written product or legal document writing service is not required.

Discovery in cases ranging from complex multidistrict litigation to state court proceedings, inclusive of the following legal discovery services:


Guidance to Clients

Legal-Help’s legal consultation services can provide invaluable advice in recommending attorneys or law firms that will best serve a client’s interests. After an attorney is secured, we will continue to act as a sounding board to the client to help develop strategies and convey the value of that information to your attorneys to provide assistance for legal professionals.

Prison Consultation

Legal-Help can provide guidance on what lies ahead in the prison experience for you and your loved ones, will assist you to be designated to the appropriate facility, and will remain available to assist you throughout your term of incarceration with prison consulting services for the many issues that may arise.  

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