What is the Legal Document Review Process?

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What is the Legal Document Review Process?

Document review refers to a stage in the legal and litigation process. A case’s parties sort and analyze pertinent facts and documents. Legal documents that are regarded as too sensitive or privileged are not produced, but this is usually assessed through a subsequent document review.

What Is Its Purpose?

A document review serves two goals. The first purpose is to determine which internal papers are pertinent to a particular case. Secondly, when an opposing party asks for important papers for litigation, attorneys must comply with their legal obligations. The attorneys preparing the paperwork must review all acquired data to satisfy the request’s requirements. This includes any unorganized internet files or emails.

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Online files that are disorganized can be a big headache. You can review large amounts of data with great precision and speed if you have the correct document review technology i

n place. This has transformed document review procedures and made outsourcing and remote services possible too.

Internal Document Review

The most thorough document review comes before the beginning of a trial when attorneys exchange material through a formal discovery procedure. This includes a large number of documents, journals, records, and other types of evidence that will be submitted in a trial.

Who Performs Document Reviews?

Document review is normally overseen by an attorney or legal consultant, although it can also be handled by litigation support workers and paralegals. ‌In today’s judicial proceedings, a document reviewer uses software and its sorting capabilities to assist attorneys in meeting their document discovery needs. The exact methodology depends on the case and your preferences, although most review tasks follow a similar pattern.

How to Perform a Document Review

A reviewer will first decide if a document under consideration is pertinent to the matter at hand. Keywords and other filtering techniques are used to limit the options and are marked according to their level of significance. When dealing with sensitive customer information, it’s also crucial to check for confidentiality. Privileged files that are unintentionally produced can be returned by either party. The redaction of private or sensitive data is also included in the document review process.

Hire a Legal Consultant

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Disclaimer: This blog is only intended for educational purposes and shouldn’t be used as a substitute for legal advice.

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