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Robert M. Simels

Simels led a premier law firm specializing in litigation for over 30 years. His services encompassed Criminal Law, Civil Rights, Personal Injury, and administrative and matrimonial matters. The firm was known for its:

Simels is a principal member of Legal-Help and was admitted to law practice in 1974. He investigated and prosecuted corruption in the New York City criminal justice system as a member of the acclaimed Office of the Special Prosecutor in New York. In that role, Simels handled complex cases involving politicians, judges, attorneys, and members of law enforcement, honing investigative, writing, and courtroom skills.

From 1979 to 2009, Simels led a litigation boutique that focused on white-collar criminal matters, civil rights, complex securities litigation, and corporate and commercial matters in more than 25 jurisdictions. He was unparalleled in securing acquittals and obtained the highest civil jury award ever granted in the City of New York for a civil rights violation, worth $74 million.

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