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When you’re facing exceptional circumstances, you need an exceptional professional legal consultant. The value in engaging someone to help navigate the intricacies of the legal system is incalculable. Put your faith in my decades of experience as a prison coach with criminal law, civil rights, personal injury, administrative, and matrimonial matters.  

About Legal-Help

Robert Simels, a principal member of Legal-Help, was admitted to law practice in 1974. He investigated and prosecuted corruption in the New York City criminal justice system as a member of the acclaimed Office of the Special Prosecutor in New York. In that role, Simels handled complex cases involving politicians, judges, attorneys, and members of law enforcement, honing investigative, writing, and courtroom skills.

From 1979 to 2009, Simels led a litigation boutique that focused on white-collar criminal matters, civil rights, complex securities litigation, and corporate and commercial matters in more than 25 jurisdictions. He was unparalleled in securing acquittals and obtained the highest civil jury award ever granted against the City of New York for a civil rights violation, worth $74 million.

Radio Show Highlights

Robert Simels hosts a radio show on WVOX, 1460 AM where he discusses issues related to the criminal justice system.

Uniquely Qualified

Legal-Help’s legal document preparation experts can provide assistance to three groups:

The Public

Legal-Help offers guidance and recommendations as to which attorney may be the right choice for your case by offering recommendations as to attorneys that should be considered and interviewed prior to engaging an attorney.

 Legal-Help can remain involved after hiring an attorney to act as a sounding board for the client’s ideas, develop strategies and information to advantage the case, and, to act as an advocate on the client’s behalf to persuade your attorney of the value in pursuing the client’s information and suggestions. The judicial system is a complex world to those who are not part of it, but Legal-Help’s professional legal consultants will help you navigate the intricacies of working with an attorney and the judicial system.


Prison Coach

Legal-Help can offer an unparalleled view and assistance for those who may face incarceration or who are incarcerated.

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