Fraud Charges and Penalties in New York

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Fraud Charges and Penalties in New York

Grand larceny, illegal possession of forged material, forgery, manipulating company documents, and identity theft are the most prevalent fraud charges in New York. These offenses vary from misdemeanors to felonies. In 2019, the gross fraud loss regarding card payments with PIN was 1.4 cents per transaction in the US.

It is critical to obtain legal consultation to determine the consequences that may be involved in your fraud accusation. An experienced attorney can aid a person in comprehending such fines and reducing any potential consequences.

Holding a Fraudulent Check

Second-degree forgery or unlawful possession of falsified documents are Class D crimes if a person alters a check or has a false check. These offenses carry sentences ranging from two to seven years in jail. A Class D felony would be charged if the theft totaled more than $2,000, which may be as easy as signing someone’s name on a check. If someone has a false or fraudulent check, it automatically constitutes a forged document and a Class D felony.

Identity Theft

If someone engages in identity theft as part of a D crime or an E felony, he or she is also committing identity theft as a D or E felony. A grand larceny accusation of more than $3,000 but less than $50,000 is classified as a Class D crime.

These are all felonies in the D and E categories. If that person embezzles checks, whether from a financial institution, a cleared check, or their workplace, they are committing a much more serious crime and facing much harsher penalties for the fraud offense.

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Fake Business Records

If the offender fabricates business records at a company, it is an E crime with penalties ranging from one to four years in prison. It’s vital to remember that the total loss suffered from these activities will increase the sentence.

Obtaining Legal Help

You should consult a legal professional if you have been charged with or are being investigated for a fraud offense. It is critical to see an attorney who has experience in representing persons with similar convictions and expertise in defending similar cases. They can assist you in navigating the justice system and obtaining the best possible conclusion.

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